Street Art and Whipped Cream

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Whipped Cream Where?

You’ve got the kit, got the cream chargers and dispenser but where are you going to be using you cream? Indoors/outdoors – so many choices, how will you be deciding?

I’m not just asking to nosey? I’m really wondering about the competition I found over on the cream chargers sales site or rather on the FB page – to win I just need to come up with an interesting and original use for whipped cream – well the obvious would go down the route of the kinky cream – maybe the standard of the whipped cream bikini – but being average is never going to win me anything now is it? I thought of using some recipes such as on here but really need to think outside the box to get hold of the prize!!

I though of concocting some possibly far-fetched story involving milk maids, alpine cows and sharing some of the creamy topping up there in the mountains – but then had to reconsider, because up there in the Alps then the cooking facilities is surely going to be a little bit limited is it not?

Of course you can get a nice fire going in the cabin – but it’ll surely fall a bit short of the sort of modernist cuisine that would be needed to win this one!!

This is my inspiration for the whipped cream alpine delight – but the full recipe will be reserved for the competition – after all I would not want you to be copying me – now would I???

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