Street Art and Whipped Cream

it's a pomegranate revolution... love apple!


Giving it to the man in a soft and fluffy way – he won’t know what hit him!! Paint can in one hand, whipped cream in the other the streets will be ours again!!!

icecreamchargerstreet copy

Street Art

And then with the collision of fun-food and serious street art there will be a creature created that has nothing to get in its way – it’ll be bigger than Godzilla and more dangerous than a rabid rabbit – so watch out we’re coming.

With the music and site of a good old ice cream van, the whipped cream will be dispensing their way into town .. then when you’re all gotten stuffed on the flake 99’s then we’ll pounce and nobody will be safe!!

The nice that you think keeps you safe will truly be luring you to your doom!!! The fact that you know how to use a cream canister does not make you an artists – you also need a message – or a the very least an idea about a potential message – even if the message is simply “look at me” and look at my cream dispenser!!


Whipped Cream

But where do you go with the street art if you don’t understand about the cream! To put it simply they are one and the same, they are just a new way of dong things 8gm for normal and 16gm for the show – offs. Do we need cream – no! Do we need street art – No! The revolution started at but will be continuing in a coffee shop near you!! When that is understood then you’ll really know what to do with your whipped cream dispenser! Street art and whipped cream will be brining you ideas for both your whipped cream and your paint – so if you love both then this is the place to be! To start with why not go ultra-modern with an espuma – that’ll surely impress your friends! And then go old school with an ice cream sundae – in fact, what cannot be bettered with a healthy portion of whipped cream – what building cannot be improved with a canister of spray paint and a stencil? Mr. Whip will take you by the hand and lead you down the road to where you need to be!

cream chargers street art

creamy street art

So the question is can a family guy with a love of whipped cream ever combine hi twin passions of ice cream and street art – can the gastronome meet the anarchist – well within a single website we are going to find out if this is really possible – so what are you waiting for come in and see what we have to offer … additional resources for those of you that don’t really trust us can be found here for whipped cream and here for street art.

And now maybe you need some advice upon both, you can select which rule applies to street art and which ones are applicable to cream:


  1. Always do it t night
  2. Wash you hands before
  3. Use full fat cream
  4. dispose of canister after use
  5. Store unused canisters in the fridge
  6. Nitrous oxide is the propellant and in non-toxic
  7. Butane is the propellant and is toxic
  8. Chargers are recyclable
  9. Do not pierce
  10. Do no burn
  11. Attach the correct nozzle to the dispenser
  12. Wear gloves
  13. Wear a hot
  14. Vegan cream is a suitable substitute
  15. Happy Creaming!!!